At Rockett Brand Racing Fuel we focus on formulating top performing racing fuels   designed to outrun anything on the track, strip, street, or dirt.

Our fuels aren"t mass produced or branded with cute names to disguise their octane   and performance characteristics.  They are blended with exacting care, employing   proprietary formulas crafted from over 50 years of motorsports fuel leadership   and with the involvement of leading race teams, engine builders and sanctioning bodies. I

In the high-tech, winner-take-all world of racing where an "Edge'is measured in   just fractions of a second, no two fuels perform alike, regardless of   similarities in octane ratings. (Fuel Fact: A 4-cycle engine running at 6,000   rpm has to inject, ignite, fully burn and vent a shot of racing fuel 50 times per cylinder, per second.) Rockett Brand fuels offer the level of   formulation tolerance and blending consistency that racers and engine builders count on to dial in their engines for maximum power output run after run.



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September 2008
Rockett Brand Racing Fuel and E-85 Mustang Shatter 250 mph Land Speed Record at Bonneville E-85 Formulated Racing Fuel Outperforms Nitromethane in new Ford FR500C Mustang Driven by Danny Thompson